About Us

Brown's Temple F.B.H. Church
1081 North Powerline Road
Pompano Beach, Florida 33069
In 1965, Reverend Henry L. Brown, Jr. was appointed by Bishop W.E. Fuller, Jr. to the city of Pompano Beach, Florida to establish a new church.  The Lord blessed Rev. Brown to find and rent a store front church for about two (2) years.   In 1967, Rev. Brown and his congregation were able to purchase land and build a new church which was named Brown’s Temple F.B.H. Church. 
After being there for six (6) years, it was necessary to move because the Florida Department of Transportation desired the land for roadway expansion.  1n 1973, Rev. Brown and the members of Brown’s Temple F.B.H. Church built their second church, which was dedicated during the Florida District Annual Convention in 1975 by Bishop W.E. Fuller, Jr.
The Lord blessed the church to purchase additional land to build a new sanctuary for God’s people.  The new Brown’s Temple F.B.H. Church was dedicated in December 2010 by the Honorable Bishop Patrick L. Frazier, Jr.  The vision thirty (30) years ago was to build a church that would benefit the community and build up the kingdom of God.  The vision thirty (30) years later is to win souls for Christ throughout the world.